Easily create stunning
augmented reality (AR) video presentations, pitches and stories

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Stand out from the crowd

AR presentations are 3x more engaging than traditional slideshows

Source: Doukianou, S., Daylamani-Zad, D. & O’Loingsigh, K. Implementing an augmented reality and animated infographics application for presentations: effect on audience engagement and efficacy of communication. Multimed Tools Appl 80, 30969–30991 (2021).

AR experiences are 70% more memorable

Source: Neuro-Insight, 2018

An Emmy-nominated AR platform, available for everyone. Literally everyone.

How it works


Create in a jiffy

Build your customized AR story using templates and objects from our library, just like in PowerPoint or Google Slides


Present seamlessly

Present your AR story using only your laptop, camera, and your preferred video app (Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube, Twitch, etc.). No special equipment required!


Get the magic going

Captivate and excite your audience as Arti brings your ideas, numbers, and concepts with vivid AR graphics.

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