Cloud-Based platform for easily presenting stunning augmented reality objects in any live video

Arti enables you to create and share AR content on your video calls, webinars, and streams and turn them into engaging and interactive experiences that will capture your audience’s attention.

Arti’s web-based interface is intuitive and does not require any design skills. You can leverage our variety of professional templates to find the content you want to show: 3D models, graphs, images, videos, presentations, or even share your screen within a captivating 3D canvas. You can also upload your own 3D model to show in Arti.

Arti works with any camera and any video streaming or conferencing software, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. Using Arti’s virtual camera feature, the graphics will simply appear on your video feed in your video app. Arti’s content is broadcast quality, so you can be sure your audience will have a great experience.

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How does Arti work?


Use Arti’s pre-built templates and objects to create your AR story, or upload your own. Arti supports a variety of content types, including brand elements, logos, AR screens to show images, videos and presentations, live data feeds, social media feeds, and more.

Arti’s intuitive interface makes it easy to customize each design to your needs. Change the colors, fonts, and text of your designs, and add animations and transitions. Arrange your designs as slides for live streaming, or use them as standalone AR experiences. You can create an entire presentation and show it on an AR screen, spicing it up with 3D visuals to keep your audience engaged.

If you can use Google Slides or PowerPoint, you can use Arti!


After you’ve created your AR story, start your video stream using only your laptop and camera!

  • Decide where you want the graphics to appear – place them on a surface next to you, like a desk or the floor, or have them floating next to you, like a late-night host.
  • Begin your video stream. You can use any video streaming app, like Zoom, Google Meet, or YouTube.
  • Use the Arti browser-based controller to control the slides. Control the slides from your computer, phone, or tablet, or have someone else control them for you. You don’t even need to be in the same location.

03.Get the magic going

Show is on! Be ready to captivate your audience and see their excitement grow as Arti brings your ideas, numbers, and concepts to life. It’s your time to stand out.

Arti's Technology

Arti’s proprietary technology was developed by our team of computer vision, computer graphics video and UX experts. It uses classical computer vision and deep learning algorithms to analyze the video in real time and produce tracking and scene parameters. These parameters are sent to our Unreal Engine servers in the cloud, which use them to render the scene-specific, broadcast-quality graphics in real-time.

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