Arti AR Platform

Arti is the first and only cloud-based platform for easily creating and streaming augmented reality.

Arti’s proprietary technology was developed by our team of computer vision, computer graphics, video and UX experts.

It uses classical computer vision and deep learning algorithms to analyze the video in real time and produce tracking and scene parameters. These parameters are sent to our Unreal Engine servers in the cloud, which use them to render the scene-specific, broadcast-quality graphics in real-time.

Arti’s content creation templates and UX make augmented reality accessible and easy to use for business presentations, content creators live streaming, and TV broadcasters.

How does Arti work?



Use Arti’s pre-built templates and objects or upload your own to build your AR story: brand elements, live data feeds, social media feeds, web browsers, and more.

Arti’s intuitive UI makes it easy to customize each design to your needs and arrange them as slides for live streaming.

If you can use Google Slides or PowerPoint, you can use Arti!



After you’ve created your AR story, you can start your video stream using only your laptop and a camera!

  • Place Arti’s marker on a surface next to you to define where the AR objects will be placed, or choose a place through the UI.
  • Now, you’re ready to start your video streaming through your favorite video app (Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube, etc.), while controlling the AR graphics easily using Arti’s streamer.


Get the magic going

Captivate your audience and see their excitement grow as Arti brings your ideas, numbers, and concepts to life.

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