AR for Content Creators & Esports

Engage your audience, grow your channel

Easily add AR to your video content

Take your content to the next level! No expensive hardware or complex set-ups. All you need is a camera, a laptop & an internet connection. Arti is like having an AR studio in your pocket.

Create amazing 3D content in minutes

You can use Arti’s templates or import 3D objects made by your design team or an external marketplace. Integrate live data feeds, social feeds, and websites into your videos in minutes.

Live stream augmented reality

The cloud-based Arti AR Platform lets you create amazing AR video content from anywhere and display AR in the scene during YouTube and Twitch live streams or live on-location shoots.

Outdoor AR
AR social media feed
Broadcast-quality graphics

Arti is trusted by leading global broadcasters and is designed to bring any video story to life with gamer-grade augmented reality graphics.

Monetize your content

Create an exciting new line of revenue for your channel and attract new sponsors with AR product placements, virtual billboards.

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